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As most of you would have known by now, a couple of weeks ago, our government authorities realized that Singapore has been hit by one of the worst data breach ever in our history. SingHealth, Singapore’s largest group of healthcare institutions, had 1.5 million patients’ record stolen by hackers, and that includes the data of our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and a few other ministers. The personal data taken includes name, NRIC number, address, gender, race and date of birth.


SINGAPORE, 19 Jan 2017
APAC Employment Monitor Q4 2017 Highlights:


SINGAPORE, 20 Oct 2017
APAC Employment Monitor Q3 2017 Highlights:


Singapore: 22% decrease in jobs, quarter-on-quarter and 51% decrease in candidates quarter-on-quarter.
APAC Employment Monitor Q2 2017 Highlights:


APAC Employment Monitor Q1 2017 Highlights:


SINGAPORE, 13 Jan 2017
APAC Employment Monitor Q4 2016 Highlights:


SINGAPORE, 27 Oct 2016
APAC Employment Monitor Q3 2016 Highlights:


SINGAPORE, 27 July 2016
APAC Employment Monitor Q2 2016 Highlights:


SINGAPORE, 23 June 2016 
The latest Working Hours Survey from professional services recruiter Morgan McKinley reveals that while the majority of professionals in Singapore work longer than their contracted hours, the situation has eased substantially compared to 2014. Moreover, many employers are now offering more flexible working arrangements. Roughly two-thirds of the nearly 1,000 respondents to the survey stated that they felt obliged to work longer than their contracted hours.


SINGAPORE, 7 April 2016 
Employment Monitor Q1 2016 Highlights:
NEW: Morgan McKinley begins reporting employment figures for contract & temporary hiring
Professional contracting job vacancies increased by 50% quarter-on-quarter
Professionals seeking new jobs up 24% quarter-on-quarter
Professional permanent job vacancies increased by 14% quarter-on-quarter
Top sectors leading the way in Q1; Fintech, Digital, Cyber Crime - leading to talent shortages