Working Hours Survey 2014 - Long working hours leads to a poor work-life balance for Singapore’s professionals

Andrew Evans - 16/09/2014

The majority of Singapore’s professionals are working longer than their contractual hours, which is having a negative impact on their work-life balance.

Over 80 percent (82%) of the professionals who responded to the Morgan McKinley Working Hours Survey 2014 say they are working in excess of the hours stipulated in their contracts which is slightly lower than Japan and Hong Kong (both 84%) but higher compared to China (65%). The survey also revealed that nearly two thirds (65%) of Singapore’s professionals say they feel obligated to work longer hours but only 28% believe they are more productive during these extra hours compared with their Asia Pacific counterparts in Australia (55%), China (39%), Hong Kong (37%), Japan (36%).

The overwhelming majority (85%) of respondents feel that excessive working hours are having an impact, upon their work-life balance. Despite this, Singapore’s professionals are continuing to work even when not at the office, with 72% of respondents saying they continue to work from home or on mobile devices.

Even with the long hours working culture, the survey revealed that just over half (54%)of respondents are aware of flexible work options at their organisation, with work from home being the most common (41%), followed by flexi-time (32%) and part-time (12%). However, over a quarter (26%) of respondents say there are currently no flexible work arrangements at their organisation, whilst 20% say they are unaware of flexible options available to them.   

We hope you enjoy viewing the results  of our Singapore Working Hours Survey 2014 and you can view the press release here. The survey was also conducted in Australia, China, Hong Kong and Japan.  If you have any thoughts on current working hours and work-life balance in professional occupations in Singapore, we would be very interested in hearing from you.

Singapore Working Hours Survey infographic 2014

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