Why I Joined Morgan McKinley Singapore

Kelvin Teo - 23/10/2018
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This is now my fourth month working in Morgan McKinley, specializing in the recruitment for Finance professionals within Banking and Financial Services

I thought I will journal this to share my story of how I came to be here.

I graduated in late 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Newcastle University, United Kingdom. As someone who enjoys socialising, I've always thought recruitment will be something I would like to do.

Therefore, upon graduation, I decided to pursue a career in recruitment. I was determined that Executive Search is the path I want to go, particularly in the Finance space within Banking and Financial Services. I have done my research and am aware that Morgan McKinley is one of the prominent brands in the industry. I set my eyes on the prize – that is where I want to grow in my career!

As a start, being fresh out of university, I first took up a role in a small scale recruitment firm to learn the ropes of the trade and to build up my network of relationships. After having worked for at least half a year in my previous job where I thoroughly enjoyed, I was then presented with an opportunity to work in Morgan McKinley.

Seeing that it aligns with my career aspirations, I took it up and I did not regret this decision. Here in the company, people willingly share with one another, and lending a helping hand across teams is the norm. The culture is very open, where feedback and the voicing of opinions are encouraged. There are countless learning opportunities with the leaders here being committed to grooming and preparing everyone for their career growth.

It is an enjoyable place to work!

I find myself in an environment equipped with the necessary tools to better myself every day as I seek to progress in my career. What I have previously heard of in the industry is indeed true. Morgan McKinley enjoys a sound reputation in the market and now that I am inside, I know why.

Morgan McKinley values professionalism and believes in providing quality service to all stakeholders. If you are a driven individual who wants to pursue or explore recruitment, I would highly recommend Morgan McKinley as your top choice.

Associate Consultant | Banking and Finance Recruitment
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