What went wrong? Reasons for not getting the job

Roy Seah September 19, 20192 mins read

You did an extensive job search. Armed with a strong CV, you applied for the job you want, went for the interview and you thought everything went well with the hiring manager.

But after a few days, you were not invited back and the employer had found someone more suitable for the job.  

Then you ask yourself. What happened? Where did you mess up? Here are some of the reasons why you did not reach the job offer:

1. You have no or little information about the company 

Aside from getting the job details, you need to know the company’s business. Did you check their website? Do their mission and values impress you? Spending time reviewing what they do and applying it on what you can contribute to them will make a lasting impression to the employer as it also measures your interest to get that job.

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2. You did not dress to impress 

Did you dress in appropriate attire? The way you dressed for the interview will definitely have an impact to the potential employer. This also assesses if you fit on how the company dress. Make sure you dress professionally.

3. Poor time management 

You provided the best time for your interview but you failed to allot enough time and you came in few minutes late. This little mistake will cost you for not getting the role.

4. You lack eagerness for the role 

The hiring manager will easily notice if you are really keen with the job or you are just faking it. Be alert and ask the right questions. Show enthusiasm by presenting the skills that you can contribute to the company.

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5. The role may not be suitable for you 

Are your skills right for the job? Sometimes the company changes direction and revised the job description or might put the position on hold for the time being.

6. You did not reach out to your respective networks 

Did you get in touch with your recruiter when you found a job that you want to apply to? Reaching out to a specialist recruiter will give you a bigger chance of getting the job offer because they know the market, they can prepare you for the role and update you about the progress of your job search.

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