Three simple ways on how to answer what your key strengths are

Morgan McKinley 11.09.2018

“Tell me what your key strengths are?” This is a commonly asked question that many candidates fear and have trouble answering.

As a recruiter, I always encourage candidates that this is actually the best question you could hope to get asked in an interview. The reason is simple: the interviewer is giving you an opportunity to talk about yourself, so always use it to your advantage!

Think about the impression you would want to leave behind with your potential employer. First impressions definitely do count, especially in a tight market where there is a competition for positions. My suggestion is to write down a list of your strengths and key character traits and give some thought about how you would like to come across to others.

Struggling a little still? Here are 3 simple ways to talk about your key strengths:

  • Character

Start off with a quality that you are personally proud of.

How would you describe this quality of yours to others? Would you say you’re self-motivated? Then describe this trait of yours over an occurrence you previously experienced. Have a great sense of responsibility? Describe a project that you have taken ownership of and how was the outcome. Are you someone who is full of vigour and determination? Show your enthusiasm by giving plausible scenarios and what would you have done.

Enjoy the word play!

  • System/ Language

Systems and/ or languages play a huge role in your career.

What are the productivity suites you’re proficient in? Is it Tableau or how about SAP (SAP BI / SAP BW)?

Technical and systems explanations can be easily elaborated, however positively set yourself aside by sharing your previous job’s scope and you can leverage on this by introducing your skills to the interviewer.

If you have applied for a role that requires certain oral language skill(s), the chances are that there will be an interviewer who is going to give you proficiency tests.

So highlight them and prepare well for these!

  • Achievements

Emphasize on your recent and relevant achievements.

What notable achievements or awards have you attain during your current or previous roles?

Have you always been able to meet deadlines or deliver within expectations? Describe past relevant projects and share with the interviewers how you achieved this. Most importantly, do not be shy to up sell your skill sets that are of relevance.

Good luck and if you are keen to find out more about how to leverage your skills during an interview, drop me an email and I will be glad to share more.

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