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Cain Yee September 16, 20193 mins read

You may be thinking why on earth are recruiters barging into the Digital space? LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest

You can find recruiters in every Social Media platforms available. For some of us, we are even vying for Search rankings in Google! Here are 5 reasons why recruiters are possibly the most efficient Community Managers around.

1. Passion for Your Industry

A community manager is at the forefront of the organisation. A recruiter also carries the brand’s reputation. A good recruiter is dedicated and passionate about presenting you with the best opportunities or talents available in the marketplace.

2. Varied Experience

Just like how a Community Manager is a master of all trades, so is a recruiter. Most of us do not graduate with a goal to succeed in recruitment. Most of us stumbled onto it and grew to love what we do. Here at Morgan McKinley Singapore, we have graduates in Literature, Chemistry, Finance, Marketing and more. Some of us are also in a second career with recruitment with past experiences in Marketing, Public Relations, Event Management, etc.

3. Resourcefulness

Innovation goes hand-in-hand with Digital strategy and Community Managers are not geeks typing away behind a computer screen. Similarly, recruiters like me do not sit at a desk loading resumes off job boards! To ensure the best talent is secured, we constantly have to think out of the box. I have heard many anecdotes of creative sourcing such as shopping in a mall for the best Boutique Manager!

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4. Flexibility

Every day is different for a Community Manager. You may be fighting off a PR crisis on Monday and gushing about winning an industry award on Tuesday. In my four years of recruitment, I cannot tell you how many days I walk into the office with a plan only to end up with a completely different day. It takes a person who thrives on challenges and variety to succeed in recruitment.

5. Personality

Just like with a celebrity, you either like or dislike a Community Manager without much reason… maybe you just aren’t sure about the colour of his font! In a “people’s business” like recruitment, I need to carve out a chameleon personality to engage my audience who can be very different. I can be meeting a Digital Project Manager in the morning and off to meet a Digital Marketer in the afternoon and both of them needs to be able to trust that I can find them the next career opportunity in the weeks to come.

With the above, it just shows that as the Digital Age is evolving, so is recruitment. Before you sign off this page, how about joining me on LinkedIn 

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