Need for specific skills in project and change management recruitment

Samuel Hendry - 12/09/2017
Recruitment Insights

Our team specialises in business and regulatory transformation hires, across both the financial services (FS) and commercial sectors, for both permanent and contract recruitment.

The typical roles we recruit for are business analysts, project managers, programme managers and PMO managers to name a few.

2017 started in a manner similar to the end of last year, with a very considered approach to growth.

However, we have seen a spike in activity as we moved into Q3.Here are some of the general observations from the start of the year are:

  • The continued growth of the contract market in project and change.  This is becoming diversified in terms of the roles, but also the terms of these contracts as they are becoming more attractive financially.
  • Client focus on growing their Singapore core and hiring the top local talent in the Singapore market.
  • Uncertainty around budget finalisation, which led to 2017 budgets only getting decided upon in March or April.  This has led to the recent spike in activity.
  • Need for very specific skill sets, as the Singapore market continues to develop in terms of the complexity of the roles available.

In spite of some of these challenges, steadily volumes have improved and hiring levels have been maintained when looking at year-on-year numbers.

We have specific needs in business analysts, who have cross domain experience, PMO skills at all levels and also regulatory specialist project manager.

In terms of our clients, the banking sector continues to drive the volume of hiring as it is the most developed market but we are seeing increased activity in insurance, asset management, fintech, life sciences and telco.

Activities are continuing to increase throughout the remainder of 2017, because budgets are now all fully clear and our clients know where they have gaps to fill before the end of the year, in terms of skills.

If you are interested in hearing more about opportunities in project  and change in Singapore please get in touch as we would be delighted to help.

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