Living in the world of IoT

Pam Lim June 13, 20192 mins read

The internet of the past was all about connecting with people but now, we are able to connect with everyday objects!

This is because the internet of things (IoT) comes in play and allows us to make these connections possible. We are not just referring to computers and smart phones but also vehicles, smart locks, pet feeders, kitchen appliances and even heart monitors. These everyday objects can be read, recognised, located, given an address and be controlled via the internet. This is the time where the physical world literally merges with the digital world.

Singapore’s vision to become a smart nation makes the IoT play a crucial and fundamental role. For instance, one of the developments that are already in place is the outdoor sensors that monitor and provide real-time insights on traffic conditions, crowds, air quality and flooding.

Here and now, imagine all the possibilities that could turn into a reality with the IoT. For example, environmental sensors that could detect any abnormalities from the daily road activities such as a hit-and-run, illegal parking or even a shooting before it gets reported? Or, assist in ordering our groceries when we run low on our staple food such as rice, milk and salt? Whichever it is, the ultimate purpose of IoT is to improve the efficiency, safety and conditions of our lives.

IoT has been mentioned several times in this article but how does it actually work?

Basically, these items are embedded with sensors, processors and communication hardware that enables the collection, exchange and leveraging of data that is acquired from the surroundings.

The key to leveraged data is none other than the cloud-based application. It interprets and transmits the data coming from all these sensors. Without it, the IoT is powerless. The cloud is what permits the apps to work for you anytime and anywhere.

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