How to score well during the three interview phases

Joanna Huang September 14, 20183 mins read

The first step towards every new career is to go through a job interview. It is essential for candidates to not only research about the company they are applying for but also to be prepared for the many possible interview questions that could be asked.

As a recruiter, I cannot emphasise how important it is to prepare for an interview because being unprepared could result in events that are not beneficial to getting the job.

So, how should you prepare for your interview?

Phase 1: Before your interview

Firstly, research about the company. This includes the company’s mission, vision, culture, hierarchy as well as facts and figures because this gives you more knowledge about the company you are applying for and you would be able to understand and gauge if the job you have applied for is a good fit for you.

Next, understanding the job scope will give you an understanding if you have the necessary skills and/ or the experience required by the job and the company. Leverage on your trusted recruiter (if any) by discussing with him or her about the job scope. He or she would be able to give you insights on what the client is looking out for and how to present yourself for the job.

Lastly, first impressions do count. On the day before the interview, do pick up clothes that are not of striking colours, remember to iron your clothes and be in proper attire to exude professionalism. Be familiar with the route to the interview location and if necessary, plan ahead of time to ensure that you will be punctual.

Phase 2: During your interview

Begin with sharing about your traits to the interviewer and how this would fit in with the job on hand. By doing this, you would bring about a good impression of yourself. I also recommend doing research on the different type of topics that might be brought up as this will aid and prepare you throughout the interview. Be inquisitive and find out more about the company you are interviewing for, as it would open up an avenue for you to elaborate on how you can benefit and bring value to the company.

A common question asked during any interview is “Why did you leave your previous company?”

My suggestion is to always organise your thoughts and have a proper structure that explains the reason why you left. A lack of proper reasoning would seem as though you have left on a bad note. Again, feel free to share with your trusted recruiter on the reasons and he or she would be able to advise you on how to structure your answers.

Finally, prepare beforehand any questions in relation to the job or company and do not be afraid in asking them because it shows the level of interest you have towards the job.

Phase 3: After your interview

Always remember to leave a ‘thank you’ note via email or a text upon completing the interview with the hiring company. This is only common courtesy regardless of the results and it speaks well of you as an individual, leaving a good impression. You never know when they will look back on your profile and offer you another job in the future. If you have a recruiter with you, you can always follow up with him or her on the status of the job and share any feedback worth noting.

Are you just preparing for an interview? Why not drop me an email or a ring and I will definitely be glad to assist in helping you score that interview.

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