How Recruiters Advise Clients About Their Employer Brand

Amy Wilson January 30, 20203 mins read

Increasingly, companies are becoming aware of the importance of employer brand and have started asking recruiters for advice on how to improve their own branding.

As a recruiter, you can often find yourself coaching clients about a whole run-through of different tasks.

Whether it’s writing job advertisement copy, helping them to improve their social media feed or showing them best practices when it comes to interviews, recruiters are usually there.

Increasingly though, recruiters might be coaching their clients on how to improve their employer brand.

In a candidate-driven employer landscape, having an outstanding employer brand can be the difference between success and failure.

Almost nine in 10 millennials – the generation predicted to make up 35% of the global workforce by 2020 – now check out the company culture before applying for a job to make sure it’s the right job for them.

Well, according to Talent Works International, experts in this space, there are some simple answers to the difficult questions.

1. Why is employer branding important in recruitment?

Talent Works International answer: An employer brand is essential to accurately convey to a talent pool who you are and what you stand for. Without a strong employer brand, an organisation will fail to attract the talent it needs to thrive, as other organisations, with a more defined sense of purpose, will take the lead.

2. Why is employer branding particularly important now?

Talent Works International answer: It has always been important, but it is now so more than ever as the jobs market is currently candidate driven. This is due to an increasing amount of vacancies, while the employment rates are currently at a record high.

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3. What benefits does good employer branding have for me?

Talent Works International answer: Organisations with a strong employer brand are more likely to attract the candidates who are right for their organisation and fit well in their company culture. Candidates who are a good fit are likely to stay longer, saving companies up to tens of thousands of dollars on rehiring and increasing productivity levels.

4. What about an employee value proposition?

Talent Works International answer: An employee value proposition acts as a compelling description of the most defining and differentiating aspects of what an organisation offers, and what’s expected of employees in return. So, employers are now beginning to understand the importance of a strong EVP in a candidate driven market. For large organisations, it is vital to segment the messaging of an EVP to speak to employees in all divisions of the company.

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