How to Get Promoted - Career Progression within Morgan McKinley

Caroline Ung 26.02.2019

Congratulations to the promoted recruiters. MORGAN MCKINLEY support people in reaching their career goals by providing training, workshops, tangible and achievable targets, PSA accounts & networks and a buddy program.

Recent promotions: 

  • Yien Quek - Associate Manager, Technology, Product & Engineering
  • Kyara Tan - Senior Consultant, Technology, Product & Engineering
  • Caleb Low - Consultant, Technology, Product & Engineering
  • Kelvin Teo - Consultant, Banking & Financial Services
  • Bella Phea - Senior Consultant, Banking & Financial Services
  • Darius Khoo - Consultant, Project & Change

So, what are their key secrets to success?

  • “Teamwork! - As the saying goes - the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”
  • “Find joy in what you are doing - no matter how tough things get!”
  • "A positive attitude and constantly seek ways to be better than yesterday!"
  • “Work smarter, not harder!”
  • "Do not fear to step into the unknown as where there is risk there is also reward - always keep going and you'll receive your reward. Persistence is key!"
  • "What keeps me motivated is to ensure I always give good news to my candidates."

How did Morgan McKinley support them in achieving their promotions?

Not only we offer a world class, high performance, fun and collaborative culture and we also support people in reaching their career goals by providing the following:

  • Training - We offer a rigorous and structured on-boarding program especially designed for experienced recruiters and graduates/career changers. We also have a leadership program which focuses on building our future leaders. Our training sessions are hosted by our Senior Consultants, Managers, Directors and our Managing Directors, as well as external experts and e-learning platforms. Our objective is to really set our people up for success.
  • Workshops - Our workshops are led by a broad range of the team to share their expertise. We have brainstorming sessions with the highest performers who can share their key tips and advice. Every voice can be heard and can help shape the business.
  • Clear, tangible and achievable targets - We set clear and achievable metrics that are adapted to each individual’s ‘Career Pathways’ plan.
  • A buddy program - Our new joiners are all paired with a buddy from another team, so they can share their experience, tips and advice. The buddy would also have skills that complement the new joiners’ skills so the latter can work on developing these skills as well.  
  • PSA accounts and networks - We have quality partnering relationships with our clients and candidates which allow new starters to get up to speed quickly and make every phone call a little bit ‘warmer’.

What does Career Progression look like at Morgan McKinley?

Here at Morgan McKinley, we understand that people aspire to different career routes so we avoid applying a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to career progression. For example, you would have heard stories of high billing Consultants in other recruitment firms being pushed into managerial positions, perceived as the only route to progress. We recognise that a career is an individual journey, not a destination and we want to provide support that gets our people to where they really want to be. That’s why we have clear Career Pathways designed for each and every one of our Consultants, whether they join us as a Graduate, a Career Changer, or an experienced Recruitment Consultant.

Fresh graduates that join us get a series of training to ensure they’re getting up to speed in parallel with some specific but attainable milestones. We aim to get our Associate Consultants quickly to the next level in their recruitment careers, whether that’s as a 360-degree Consultant or Delivery Consultant, which is effectively a 270-degree role that still provides the candidate and client interaction, whilst being paired with one of our hotshot Business Developers.

From Consultant level, the goals are clearly identified to get to Senior Consultant. The consultants can move into two very different roles i.e as either Associate Manager or Business Manager. Those that want to become people managers will step into an Associate Manager role while those that are passionate about further developing our key accounts, can pursue as Business Manager.

Each of these steps consist of not only financial targets but also behavioural ones. We acknowledge that being a great Consultant consists of more than simply billing but it’s also about demonstrating commitment to improving the lives of the people, for example by taking part in our CSR initiatives. And finally, there’s no need to wait for that specific one-time of year to get promoted, here this is all about the individual and when they’re ready for their next step.
If you want to come and work for a company that encourages and supports genuine career progression, tailored to you, get in touch with our Managing Director Singapore, Gurj Sandhu on

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