How To Follow-Up After An Interview

Gurj Sandhu September 23, 20194 mins read

How can you follow up after an interview? A simple follow up email is all it takes. 

The hardest part of the interview process is undoubtedly the preparation and interview itself. However, even after the hardest part is over, it is still incredibly important candidates stay engaged with the hiring manager, which will cement their position at the top of the hiring manager’s mind.

Why follow-up emails matter

Although it is an unwritten rule, there are many reasons why following up post-interview is crucial. Firstly, a follow-up email is common courtesy and shows you are appreciative for the interviewer’s time and thankful to have learnt more about the role as well as meeting the team. Failing to do so may signal cockiness or that you’re ungrateful. Secondly, it highlights your continued interest in the role, and your dedication to longevity in the company. Lastly, interviewers or recruiters are busy people, juggling many tasks throughout the day and even though they try their best to get back to each candidate, things do slip through the cracks and sometimes this results in you being left behind. In this case, a gentle reminder or nudge can be all it takes to get your application flying through the checkpoints. 

How to write a thank-you note

The challenge with thank-you notes lies in the message coming off as generic. There’s more to a follow-up email thank just a “thank you for interviewing me”. 

Cover five elements:

  1. Gratitude for you interviewer’s time (express how thankful you are for their time)
  2. Appreciation for gaining more information and insight into the position and company (highlight which area of the position or company appealed to you the most)
  3. Enthusiasm for the role 
  4. Inviting the hiring managers or the recruiter the opportunity to further clarify key points of interest 
  5. Suggest any feedback provided will be greatly appreciated

Here’s a template for your reference:

Dear [Interviewer’s Name],

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me [today/yesterday]. I loved getting to hear about [interesting thing you learned from this person], and was especially impressed by [quality or trait of the company or team that made you even more eager to work there]. Our conversation reinforced my excitement to join [company] and help you all [achievement you would support in this role]. I am open to any feedback you may have. I look forward to hopefully working together in the future.

[Your Name]

Remember to keep it short and sweet. Interviewers and recruiters are busy people and so they don’t have the time to read a storybook on your interview experience, cover the three elements and get to the point quickly. 

Addressing next steps 

Usually, at the end of an interview, the interviewer will give you clear instructions regarding the next steps of your application and if you need to provide any further information. If this wasn’t communicated to you and/or you forgot to ask about this during the interview, add a line at the end addressing this as such: 

If there is anything you need further from me, please don’t hesitate to let me know. 

What do if you haven’t heard back

Of course you’re eager to hear back from the interviewer quickly and it may feel like they’re taking forever to get back to you. If you see that it has been 2+ days since they said they’d contact you or you haven’t heard from them in over a week, then don’t be afraid to email them stating that you’re following up from the last time you spoke, you’re still extremely interested in the position and if there is anything they require from you that you’d be more than happy to provide them with this information. This should be enough for your contact to follow up with you - if it isn’t, send them another email saying something along the lines of:

Just wanted to check in - anything I can help out with? Let me know!’

By taking the time to follow-up with your interviewer, you will show dedication and gratitude for them and the organisation. Usually, those are exactly the traits an interviewer looks for and maybe that simple email is all it takes to get an offer on the table!

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