Four ways to land a job in corporate banking in 2018

Hazel Thanh - 02/05/2018
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Now that the bonus season has come and gone, we are seeing the world of corporate banking recruitment heating up.

The good news is that so far, in 2018, we have seen a pick-up in demand for corporate bankers with several banks looking to expand their teams. The not-so-great news is that there are a lot of candidates looking for a change and there is fierce competition for every new role. 

So how do you best position yourself in this competitive hiring environment?

Write a succinct, straight to the point CV

The best Corporate Banking CV I’ve seen so far includes the following characteristics: straight to the point, showcasing transactions/ deals experience, stating clearly the type of clients covered (MNC, LLC, FI or Commodities or SME clients, company’s turnover size etc.) and country/ regional coverage. Hiring Managers and HR professionals view hundreds of CVs daily, as such writing a succinct CV will help your profile to stand out and outshine your competitors. 

Don’t just focus on the money

Corporate Banking candidates who are focusing just on the remuneration aspect would tend to miss out on some of the best opportunities. They seem to forget that, nowadays, employers are spoilt for choice due to the oversupply of candidates in this market. My advice would be to consider the whole new job scope holistically. Remind yourself of your motivation and not just be fixated on a certain salary expectation. Keep an open mind and you will be able to land yourself a good role in this competitive hiring environment. 

Be a Corporate Banking Generalist!

You should cover various sectors/ industries and avoid specializing in one single sector. In recent times, Corporate Bankers who are sector specialist may be losing out to those who cover multiple sectors. There seems to be a decrease in demand for Coverage Bankers that cover just one specific sector in the market. As such, my advice would be to diversify your portfolio, or cover at least three sectors in your portfolio. This will minimize the risk of your job being made redundant in case any sector is affected by the economic downturn. While we all know it could be the business cycle, diversifying your portfolio could help to best position yourself in this competitive job market. 

Connect with your trusted Corporate Banking recruiter

Get the most updated news in the Corporate Banking job market by contacting your trusted recruiters regularly. You might never know what could be available out there. By the time you see a job advertisement on the job portal, it might be too late! The best approach would be to: Talk to your recruiter, share with them your career desire, let them know you are open for XYZ type of roles and ask them to keep an eye out for you. Get the best out of your recruiters and stay ahead of your competitors. 

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