Effective Way of Doing Job Search in Singapore

Kevin Xu August 14, 20192 mins read

“I have not been applying for jobs because the market is slow and I don’t see many openings.”

Since half a year ago I have heard many professionals citing "slow market" whenever we get into the discussion of hiring trends in Singapore. Time and time again, I beg to differ by sharing what I notice from working with some of the more sophisticated HR or hiring managers.

1. They select their experts

Gone are the days when a job is thrown to 5 to 10 recruiters and hoping that one of them may close it as quickly as tomorrow. HR professionals/ Talent Acquisition Specialists/ hiring managers are getting more and more sophisticated in the way they select their recruiters. Statistics and data analytics show that the success rate is higher and time-to-fill is lower when they use a specialist recruiter who is the expert in a particular field. Sometimes a job is even passed to only one recruiter on a retainer basis.

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2. The expert goes directly to his/ her warm pool of candidates

It explains the speed of our work. We speak and meet with not only active, but also passive professionals in the industry. We keep close contact and constantly update one another on how the job search activities are going. The moment there is a potential headcount or vacancy with one of our clients, those warm contacts are the first ones we approach, because we have a good understanding of what they need and how their personalities and culture fit are going to be like. Sometimes the role is even filled before a job advertisement is put up.

3. A job may be created by your recruiter

Contrary to the reactive way of hiring, a role may be created because of a very good CV, and not because someone leaves the company. So, partner with a specialist recruiter that works with your potential employers in your specialist field and make sure that he/ she actively “sells” your profile. More often than not, a person is hired because his/ her employer decides to create a new role to capture the talent.

Therefore, there are many other reasons a person is hired besides a job vacancy, and your job search activity should not begin from looking through the job boards.

It should begin from making the right connections and for a start; you can contact our specialists that are relevant to your fields today! For HR professionals, feel free to reach out to me or my team at Morgan McKinley.

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