The dos and don’ts when you approach a recruitment consultant

Kevin Xu June 26, 20194 mins read

In today’s competitive market, finding a job on your own might be a challenge. Many job seekers need to partner with recruitment consultants to enhance their careers.

For this reason, I would like to talk about what you should, and should not do when you approach recruiters.



There are many recruitment consulting firms out there, each focusing on a different niche. Make sure you understand a consultant's specialization before making initial contact. If you get a clear grasp of their market focus, your job search will be more effective.

There is no use in contacting firms that do not focus on your particular niche. In fact, this is a mistake that could cost you time and money. As an engineer, for example, you shouldn't send your CV to a consultancy that doesn't cover this field.

The simplest way to get it right is to visit the recruitment company's website. You may find valuable information, learn more, ask questions, and even get a better idea of what to expect.

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An introductory email is often the best way to reach out to recruiters, but it's essential to keep it concise. I'd recommend keeping it brief, writing the body of the email as a short cover letter. 

If you have a connection to the company, be sure to mention that at the start of your introduction. Take the time to tailor your email in relation to the position you are applying for. Express what you'll bring to future employers, and don't focus only on what a job can do for you.


Typos make applicants look lazy and unconcerned with nuances. It is easy to see why you wouldn't want a potential employer to associate you with such qualities. Attention to details shows that you care. You'll appear more credible and professional while improving your presentation. Always attach your resume to the email so that the consultant can check it out right away. After you sent the first email, you can reach out with a phone call. If a week goes by without a response, don't be afraid to follow up!

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Check out the company's career website and apply for open positions online. Once you have applied on the web, send an email to the recruiter. This is a great opportunity to introduce yourself and confirm your application. If you go the extra mile and reach out with an email as suggested, you'll come off as a more proactive individual.


The important thing about working with a recruiter is that it needs to be a relationship. It doesn't matter if you are not looking out, or no job is available. You can still cultivate a relationship with a catch-up call every few months. You could even take the opportunity to recommend your friends as potential candidates.


• Never send an email with no text in the body, and only a resume attached. Always use the subject line.
• Don't address the recruiter with 'Hi," especially in an introductory email. You always want to appear professional, respectful, and mature.
• Don't stalk the recruiters. A follow-up phone call is fine, but nagging may have a negative effect. Following up and keeping up with your connections is a skill. The smartest approach to keeping the door open is to ask the question right away. "What is the best way to follow up with you?" This could be an excellent solution if you're looking to keep a line of dialogue open and available to you.
• Do not state that you are willing to do "anything." When possible, it is better to be more specific about your goals and how you'd like to grow in your career. Some applicants may think that being open to anything makes them more hirable. As a matter of fact, it makes them seem unfocused and somewhat desperate for a job. You want to come off as someone who's aiming high, not as a bottom-feeder willing to munch on all the scraps!
• Be aware of your qualifications. Showcase your strengths and what you have to offer. Understand that there is a lot of hard work to get anywhere that's worth getting.
• Don't emphasize your weak spots. Everyone has strength and weakness. It is vital to present yourself in the best light and showcase your talents.
• Don't take the recruiter's lack of responsiveness as rejection. Recruiters receive constant requests throughout the day. Your goal as an applicant should be to introduce yourself in the best possible light. Do so with politeness, and be smart about presenting your most flattering qualifications.


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