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Sara Vu October 11, 20192 mins read

Contracting in Asia is an ever evolving concept and companies looking to recruit interim professionals, need to realise Singapore is on track to become the new London or Sydney and should be looking across both proverbial ponds to see what’s been done before.

Because contracting is at such an early stage of development, a ‘mismatch’ between the expectations of recruiters, hiring managers, HR and the assignment seeking candidate creates a different challenge and angle every time. It’s near impossible to predict or anticipate a problem before it arises because every candidate is an individual case. 

Recruiters can manage a number of areas for their candidates before they arise. These factors include salary package and relocation expectations, visa applications, tax information and local conditions in the destination market.

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The frustrating thing for these interim professionals who flock in from London, Sydney and many other major cities, is that whilst the Singapore market is screaming out for highly skilled contractors, for most of the multi-national companies will not meet the cost of securing experienced professionals whose many years of experience will transform an organisation in a few short months. Experienced contract professionals definitely have skill sets to divest, integrate, transform, off-shore, strategise, coach, lead and advise businesses, supported with a wealth of regulatory and compliance knowledge and relationships.

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Stereo-typically, a large number of an organisation will approach a mainstream management consultancy firm to find a specialist, however an MBA or Masters graduate with 4 years work experience doesn’t have the depth of knowledge and skill set that a contract professional would have across multiple sectors, geographies and organisations. In a market where cost efficiency is essential, the job needs to be done well to target a certain timeline (or earlier) and with little or no risk of mistakes therefore reducing the immediate and long term cost spend. So, by considering a contract professional who is purely driven by the delivery of an end to end solution, is efficiency in itself.

In terms of contracting, Asia still has a way to go but the quicker we get started by accepting the experience from those in a more mature international markets the better off all parties will be.

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