A millennial’s point of view on career changes

Ingrid Kheng - 16/11/2017

When I spoke about my decision to leave the hospitality industry for the recruitment industry, many couldn’t understand my career change.

From family and friends to overly-concerned taxi drivers, the thought of jumping into the unknown seemed to baffle them. However, having done my due diligence on the industry, I knew it was the right decision.

I started out in the public  relations industry after studying communications and marketing. There, I found great joy in helping build successful brand images for the companies I worked for. I familiarised myself with the media industry, which is a dynamic one filled with creative and enthusiastic people, and had wonderful opportunities to develop close working relationships with them throughout my time in hospitality. 

As much as I enjoyed the work I did, I also felt I could do more to create an impact and give greater meaning to my career. While some may claim this makes millennials like me 'entitled', the fact is that we do want to make a difference and have an impact on our community, company and career. After speaking to people in various industries to find out more about their careers, I developed a clearer idea of what I wanted and what eventually drew me to recruitment was that it gives me the opportunity to change lives (read: make a difference, have an impact) and learn something new everyday.
A career change is a major decision that is not made lightly. Just as it was for me, anyone who is looking to make a career move has to do a lot of research and seek guidance where possible. Advice that has always stuck with me is to make learning a lifelong journey so that one becomes future-proof and can take advantage of new job opportunities that come along.
If you are looking to make a career change, take my advice and always be receptive to stay relevant. In my current position, I draw knowledge from my industry experience to help others in their career progression. If you are a sales or marketing professional who is looking for your next career move or just want to find out more about the industry, feel free to connect with me for a confidential discussion.
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