Be a financial warrior in the IT industry

Shalu Surana January 16, 20202 mins read

Mergers and acquisitions are a common place in the IT industry. There are companies whose focus is on acquiring smaller firms to increase their market share, joint ventures between giants to gain a competitive edge in this technology driven era and companies who combine forces in order to survive.

The future of IT companies is limitless (despite the discovery of Year 2038 ‘bug’!) and to be the financial warrior in this industry, you have to be armed and ready...

We are seeing an increasing number of graduates with more than one specialisation, and why is that? Well, there is a need for differentiation with individuals of similar profiles. Likewise, as an accounting and finance professional, you need to be familiar with more than one accounting system. Of course, the common ones would be SAP, Hyperion, Oracle etc.

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By being skilled in more than one system, you will more likely to have the talent that a company wants to retain to implement a system in a newly acquired firm.

You need to talk to the IT folks, play around with the system, and understand how it works while you have the chance in any company. Fully familiarise yourself with the system and pick up courses to be an expert in more than one accounting system!

Apart from technical skills, it is very important to know your market and widen your network. Talk to your management, your suppliers and customers, your friends from another IT company, your specialist recruiter and have a clearer picture of the whole IT industry. Likelihood is, you will be more updated about the industry and will not have to bear the risk of being “retrenched”. (Yes, I do meet a lot of candidates leaving a company because of retrenchment these days…)

As cliche as it sounds but, be prepared or prepare to fail!

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