Banking & Financial Services career opportunities in 2019, for fresh graduates

Joanna Huang April 2, 20194 mins read

Most, if not all, fresh graduates would be eager to know what career opportunities are available to them right after graduating.

Having had little no to exposure during their course of studies, most would not know which company would be best for them. It is important to find out what the current market trends are, ensuring the jobs are on par with your qualifications and if your personality type fits the company culture. If you do thorough research on those three points, this will boost your chances of landing a job in the financial services industry. 

Hot jobs we’re working on for Graduates:

1)    Fund Accountant

This role would, typically, be for those that have graduated in accounting & finance, as it would require you to do analytical calculations. Most fresh graduates who have been placed in this role, have also displayed a keen interest in fund services, and have the passion of continuing in the accounting space. 

2)    Investor Relations

Do you enjoy communicating with different types of investors, as well as external stakeholders? This role would pique the interest of those who enjoy servicing the client’s fund and assist in processing anything fund related.

3)    KYC Analyst

These roles are currently the hottest jobs in the market, but what is KYC? Know- Your- Customer. This role is where you would carry out checks on different clients, to ensure that the client’s information is registered correctly and to check that there are no suspicious activities occurring. This role is important for any organisation. The typical progression of a candidate in this role would be on a contractual basis, before being converted into a permanent staff, then into a Management role.

4)    Trade Finance Officer

This is another in-demand role in the banking industry. Trade finance is the financing of international trade flows. As an operations staff, you will be handling the daily processing for trade finance related activities. The typical progression of a candidate in this role will be to start as a trade processor then move to a middle office client services position or specialise in a document checking role within trade finance. 

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Why choose Banking & Financial services?

-    Corporate Exposure

Working in this industry provides you the opportunity to learn the different processes, acquiring new skills and establishing an understanding on how the operations work on a day to day basis. If you enjoy learning different skill sets, banking would be the best industry for you to pick up new knowledge.

-    Salary

The salary for a fresh graduate would start from $2800 onwards, if you’re able to land a position that is highly demanded within the financial services industry

-    Career Progression

If you are highly ambitions and looking to climb the corporate ladder, the financial services industry is often the place where you can see progression. On average, if you perform well, within 5 to 6 years, you could progress up to a level ranging from Associate – AVP
Why some candidates are not suitable?

-    Pressure

If you work in a financial services institution, the pressure is higher than working in other industries. You would have to be driven to meet the expectation of your managers, communicating and achieving the needs of the front office & clients, as well as to ensure you complete your work within a specified deadline. This would occasionally require you to work overtime to complete your tasks

-    Long Hours

If you’re in an operations role, or covering the APAC region from Singapore, this will require additional hours in the office to complete all work assigned to you. Most business operate a round-the-clock model, to support their global offices, this means you may need to work later, or finish according to the various global market hours. 

Working in the banking & financial services industry can be hugely rewarding. You will learn a lot and get the desired career progression, depending on how much dedication and hard work you put in. 
As your recruiter, I would advise you to understand your career vision and goals so that I can assist you in identifying the right career path to take within the banking and financial services industry. If you are a fresh graduate, this is the time for you to grasp a great opportunity and land a career in the industry of your choice. 
Should you be interested to explore more, feel free to reach out to me for free of charge career advice! 

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