5 Reasons to Work Outside the CBD

Gurj Sandhu December 20, 20192 mins read

Are you sick and tired of commuting into the CBD?

Looking for a change of scenery or simply just looking for something more local? Then Morgan McKinley can help!

Given the ever increasing competition for office space, not to mention the ever increasing rental prices, a number of our clients are moving or have moved operations outside of the CBD and here we look at how that can benefit you.

Work/Life Balance

One of the benefits of working locally is, of course, the improved work/life balance. Not only will your travel time be reduced but also drastically improved; namely because you will be going against the traffic heading into the CBD. This, in turn, will result in not only a more stress free commute but should help get you home in better time for things such as dinner with the family/kids, enjoy an evening by the beach or more free time to relax after work.

Better/Bigger Office Space

With the decreased competition for space, a number of our clients that operate outside the CBD have not only bigger and better offices but they have a plethora of facilities included. Some of these include on site gyms, shopping facilities and restaurants all within one campus


If you’ve been commuting into the CBD for a number of years, then no doubt you’re in need of a change of scenery. Many of our clients can provide just that and you’ll quickly find that there is much more to other parts of Singapore than the city.

Having the Option to Drive

Avoid the cramped buses, trains and ferries and enjoy your own personal space from the comfort of your car. Being outside of the city opens up the option to drive to work with many of our clients providing car parking facilities for free/reduced rates. 

Avoid the Hustle and Bustle!

This last one is a very obvious one, working outside of the CBD you avoid the ‘Rat Race’ meaning no more squashing on trains and buses, no more having to stand up all the way home or fighting just to get into the station. Life outside the CBD is much more relaxing and stress free.

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