4Ps to your dream job!

Jonathan Ong July 18, 20193 mins read

How are we able to secure the ultimate job that allows us to realise our highest potential? How do we present ourselves best in this competitive job market?

Most people just dive into the next role without giving it much thought, especially in this difficult and challenging market. Here are 4Ps that we at Morgan McKinley feel can help you identify the correct steps to get your ultimate dream role.


Each one of us is naturally inclined to perform best when we are passionate about what we do. Whether it is a specialisation, industry or working culture, instead of being a jack of all trades, why not invest in the area that you enjoy the most? We are able to help you identify what the market trends currently are and explain how you can maximise your passion to its best potential.

People Management 

It is important to understand the art of small talk when establishing good relationships and rapport with your colleagues. In most working environments, being a “lone ranger” generally is not ideal. For example, an end-to-end supply chain consists of a tedious process to complete the value chain. This means that individuals need to be willing to work with different socioeconomic backgrounds in order to accomplish the process from head to toe. Thus, companies require team players who are able to work well with their peers to attain the best results. We understand that every company has a unique working culture, hence we play the role of assisting you in understanding the working environment so that you would be able to adapt effortlessly.

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Every one of us is unique in our own ways. It is always best to be yourself and not try to change or create a new identity when joining a new business. To give an example, clients look for candidates who are resilient, well natured and adaptable to change within the supply chain domain. While we do recognise that certain management styles might not be suitable for you, hence we will do our best during your search to find an employer where you will be happy and fit in well for the long term.


As the market is so competitive, you cannot expect a progressive salary that you may have received previously. Companies do have budgets and salary guidelines that they need to abide by. For quick referencing, our supply chain and procurement salary guide give you a holistic overview of the current market. As compensation can be the most pivotal point of a job search, your ability to negotiate for a better remuneration package may be restricted if you are a direct applicant to the company and it may also lead to form a negative impression. However, as recruitment consultants, we are likely in a better position to mediate and bring to terms a package that both parties are willing to settle for.

With these 4 P’s properly considered, we believe that you will be able to find that dream job. Please feel free to reach out to me if you are seeking for a career switch or advancement. I would be delighted to help you in exploring various opportunities that are available in the supply chain and procurement market. 

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