2018 Project Management Salary Guide

Gurj Sandhu - 31/01/2018
2018 Project Management Salary Guide

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Project and Change Management

Role Salary range per annum/ $
Junior Business Analyst $45k - $80k
Business Analyst $80k - $110k
Senior Business Analyst $110k - $160k
Project Manager $100k - $160k
Senior Project Manager $160k - $220k
Programme Manager $180k - $250k
Senior Programme Manager $220k - $350k
Process Analyst $40k - $70k
Business Process Improvement Manager $90k - $140k
Change Analyst $60k - $90k
Change Manager $100k - $230k

Commentary on Project and Change Management Roles and Remuneration in Singapore for 2018 

2018 seems a very promising year after a very strong 2017 in project and change management. Though the year started slower than expected, it gathered momentum which can be best explained by the slower than usual budgeting completions that led to nerves around early year spending. Subsequently however employers realised that work still had to be completed and equally the approved budgets were there to be spent!

We have continued to see hiring at all levels for business analysts, project managers, programme managers, change managers and PMO staff. Nevertheless, in order for employers to comply with the guidelines and rules of the Fair Consideration Framework, some recruitment requirements have had to change to allow the hiring of Singaporeans leading to a juniorisation of some positions and a decrease in foreign talent moving to Singapore.

The two areas that have been most active and will continue to shine in 2018 are change management and PMO. In our view, this is down to the sophistication of the  project and change management discipline and also firms looking to get more value and success from their investments.

Change management is a relatively new discipline in Singapore and focuses specifically on the adoption of transformation and change, rather than pure implementation. It is hard to calculate the ROI for change management which has led to historic reluctance to invest in Singapore, but this is no longer the case as our clients have come to the realisation that there is even more risk in not adopting changes they have already been implemented.
2017 was the year of up-skilling in PMO. Most employers now focus on governance and cost, and only through having a strong PMO can these two crucial factors be controlled appropriately. 

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