Contract or Permanent?


Be it for the peace of mind knowing you are a permanent employee, or the sea of freedom offered to a contract worker, weighing between the two carefully is important no matter which option you choose. Traditionally in Singapore permanent roles are chosen over contractual ones but I would like to offer some insights into the benefits of contract employment.

The Power of Influence


Studies show that some of us think using the left side of our brain and some of us think using the right side; the “fast” versus the “lazy”, the “quick to react” versus the “thinker”. The trick is to realise which side you use and then to follow a structured decision making process each time you approach a problem. Change Leaders are put in the position of decision making constantly, sometimes within time and financial deadlines and the art of making an informed and structured decision can certainly be difficult.

The LEAN, mean, efficiency machine


Lean and efficient are two common words in the Singapore Commercial world at the moment; companies are striving to increase efficiency whilst trimming back on their resources to achieve this. Businesses, especially in the Financial Services sector are trying to rebuild strength and reputation by adopting principles like LEAN.


There is no I in TEAM


“There is no I in TEAM”

Have you ever been sitting in a team meeting or group presentation, where your attention drifts off slightly and you start thinking about your after work plans or the fact you’ve forgotten to pay a bill, only to be asked a question?  Do you fumble your way through an answer or simply say; “sorry I don’t know”? Either way, I am sure this has happened to us all at one time or another.

Away Day


So Alan Sugar’s Apprentices are still lining up to be fired from the board room; and I remember when “The Apprentice” was a must-see if you worked in the corporate world, now it’s just like any other so-called reality TV show that you can’t help but watch. It’s purely entertainment value and I swear these young entrepreneurs get thicker by the series. The girls seem to be wearing more make up and shorter skirts and the chaps have fake tans, plucked eye brows and use hair straighteners.



Follow-the-sun is a term I heard for the first time today and refers to a workflow in which tasks are passed around the globe so that the project or process of work does not stop. Singapore is commonly referred to as a “hub” in which to do global business, so this terminology is not a foreign one here.